National Chairpersons

National Chairperson – Jim Mullin, Vancouver

First Vice-Chair – Mike Hogan, Toronto


One Response to “National Chairpersons”

  1. Adam Says:

    Im not sure on how to do this. But Barry St.George should be in the CIS Hall of fame. He holds many records today in the CIAU. Many that cant be broken only tied. For example the 105 yrd Td from Norm Lucky. The longest Punt and Kick return for TDs. He was drafted into the CFL but decided to teach instead of play in the CFL. He was a great coach within his community for the Nepean Redskins for years.
    He has been to the Vanier Cup, never won but that shouldnt matter.
    I dont understand how many of these players that never held a record in the CIAU yet made it into the hall. But man like Barry never did or was never even looked at.
    All I want to do is nominate him for the Hall. He should be there and honored for talented football player that he was.
    I just wish to put his name in the hat, thats all this email is about.

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