UFRC now associate members of Football Reporters of Canada

CALGARY – At the annual Football Reporters of Canada congress at the 97th Grey Cup in Calgary, the UFRC were formally accepted as associate members of the FRC.

The UFRC will now be known as the FRC-U.

This will not change the way the FRC-U operates, other than an amalgamation of the FRC’s and FRC-U’s website, and title of FRC-U’s programs.

The UFRC-CIS Top 10 will now be known as the FRC-CIS Top 10. The UFRC-CIS Players of the week will now be known as the FRC-CIS Players of the week.

FRC members will continue to work on CFL related issues and votes, while the University division will continue their focus on CIS related issues.

The associate member status will also resolve confusion in the football community regarding branding of the journalists associations. During our discussions with the Canadian Football Hall of Fame, the UFRC was frequently referred to as the FRC, who currently has an operating status in the hall.

In our ongoing discussion with the CFHOF, the effort will continue to be independently managed by the FRC’s University Chapter, or FRC-U.

Check our website at https://ufrc.wordpress.com for further updates.


The objectives of the UFRC/AJFUC

There are nine objectives of the “UFRC”:

1. Create communication between journalists through association.

2. To work as a voice representing all working journalists at CIS Football games and to contribute input to the conferences regarding working conditions and resources at games.

3. Provide input to the conferences to establish guidelines regarding distribution of information.

4. Provide representation for journalists who have a grievance with an individual team, athletic department or conference.

5. Mentor younger journalists, especially those with student media outlets regarding the Canadian university game.

6. Contribute to, or establish regional and national awards that enhance the profile of the University game in Canada.

7. To create a “Canadian University Football Hall of Fame”, either in an area of the current Canadian Football Hall of Fame in Hamilton or, as a stand alone institution.

8. To eventually create a social meeting place at Vanier Cup for members to convene.

9. To broaden the base and awareness of the Football Reporters of Canada to make it a more resilient organization.

UFRC Membership will be open to the following members of the media:
– National print reporters.
– National television broadcasters who cover CIS football.
– Regional radio reporters/hosts.
– Regional/Local print reporters.
– Regional television broadcasters who cover CIS football.
– Radio/Internet play-by-play and commentators who cover a CIS team.
– Campus based sports writers and editors
– Campus based broadcasters who actively cover CIS football.
– Webmasters who host and regularly maintain a CIS Football-specific site.

For more information, contact Chairperson Jim Mullin at jmullin@cknw.com