Canadian Football Hall and UFRC take steps toward CIS division

The UFRC participated in a conference call with a sub committee of the Canadian Football Hall of Fame today in an effort to establish a dialogue between the two parties concerning a division dedicated to a CIS Football Hall of Fame.

The concept, formulas and time frames presented to the CFHOF by the UFRC were received favourably.

The next step will be to include the CIS in a similar discussion over the next two weeks in a meeting involving the UFRC and the CFHOF.

The CFHOF and the hall agreed on the following concepts they will go forward on:

1. The UFRC presented a process for selection which was received favourably from the CFHOF.

2. The earliest target date for the first induction would be the fall of 2010.

3. The CIS inductees would be inducted at an event surrounding the Vanier Cup, creating another event for Vanier Cup week and further expanding the brand of the CFHOF.

4. The UFRC will consult the CIS on their requirements and possible contribution to the process, then meet via teleconference with the CFHOF in the next two weeks.

5. The CIS division would be separate from the main Hall, but that would not limit individuals from being inducted into both.

All of this is pending acceptance by the main CFHOF board and the various departments in the CIS.


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