A new way of selecting the Top 10

So many folks have complained about the CIS Top 10, but few have suggested an equitable and somewhat accurate alternative.

The UFRC is proposing to the CIS a new way of voting for the top 10. Along with a media panel, CIS coaches will participate along with other active members of the media who are members of the UFRC.

For the record, here’s the draft version of the proposal:

The UFRC/CIS Canadian Top 10

i.) The UFRC shall be responsible for the weekly polling and tabulation of the “UFRC/CIS Canadian Top 10”.

i.) The voting shall be tiered into two levels;

a.) Top 10 committee and 27 CIS coaches.

b.) All other members in good standing of the UFRC.

ii.) The voting shall be valued as:

a.) Each ballot from the Top 10 committee and 27 CIS coaches shall be valued as three ballots.

b.) Each ballot from a UFRC member shall be valued as one ballot.

iii.) The Top 10 committee shall be comprised of:

a.) Six voters from Western Canada.
b.) Six voters from Ontario.
c.) Six voters combined from Quebec and the Maritimes.
d.) Six voters from national media organizations.
e.) Three voters selected by the UFRC at large.
The total number of voters shall not exceed 27.

iv.) Coaches voting committee.

a.) Each head coach of an active CIS team, or designate shall submit a Top 10 vote that shall not include a vote for his team.
The total number of voters shall not exceed 27.

v.) Ballots:

a.) A choice of the top 10 shall be submitted by eligible members to an e-mail address accessible to the tabulator of the Top 10 committee by 4 p.m. AT, 3 p.m. ET, 2 p.m. CT, 1 p.m. MT, or Noon PT on the Monday following the week of games in the CIS. This shall be extended to Tuesday on the weeks where Monday games are played.

b.) Voters may select as many teams who they think can qualify for recognition in a top 10, not exceeding 10.

c.) The results will then be sent to the CIS Sports Information Office before the Monday at 23:59 ET.

d.) The CIS shall release the poll the following day.


i.) Results shall be ranked via points, since the ballots are weighted.

ii.) It will be noted on all releases that;
– “The poll is selected by the University Football Reporters of Canada Top 10 committee, CIS Head Coaches, and the UFRC membership by a weighted ballot.”

iii.) Reporting times:

a.) The Pre-Season Top 10 shall be selected on the week leading to the first full weekend of competition in at least two out of the four competing conferences.

b.) The weekly Top 10 shall vote week-to-week until the completion of the first week of playoffs in at least two of the four competing conferences.

We’re open to suggestions. There are some details that may change in this proposal as things develop.


4 Responses to “A new way of selecting the Top 10”

  1. Ryan Says:

    I appreciate the attempt to put this out to the public for discussion. Great job.

    I would like to add one point. I believe that for the sake of transparency every vote should be made public. Each reporter and coach should have their votes listed publicly. This will ensure that coaches and reporters take this more seriously. Businesses around the world are forced to be transparent by law. Somehow reporters and sports figures are not held to the same level of scrutiny, which I believe should be changed.


    • ufrc Says:

      You know that I share my vote on the cisfootball.org board every week.

      However, I think that it is up to the individual to determine if they want to share/debate their vote. I think the coaches who participate will take it seriously, along with the media voters who currently participate.

      It’s important that the system used is something that people want to participate in at their own comfort level.

  2. Deux Fans Says:

    For the sake of transparency, what about publishing the points given to each team? It could gave us an idea of how close it is…

    Per example, in QC, I think determining #2,#3 or #4 will require some kind of Nostradamus talent…

    • ufrc Says:

      Points may be a good idea.

      However, it’s important to note that the proposed system is weighted.

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